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SWINE Magazine is a new type of organisation. In some ways it has a formal structure: a core group of people who are legally responsible and therefore accountable for its activities. It works however through a network of individuals who are called upon for individual projects. An example of this are the teams of Barefoot Telemateurs. These are supported by a wide network of clusters, or groups which work on technical and specialist roles as necessary. Cyber Citizens is therefore a partnership which can be as big or small as the specific needs require. This new type of organization is better suited to the rapid and constant changes that we all now experience.

It is able to be flexible, dynamic and innovative magazine to suit the different situations that arise and the different business projects or contracts that it undertakes. This is only possible through the dedication and commitment of the people that make it up and their use of Telematics to maintain their network.The volunteers who make up Cyber Citizens cover three generations; from grandparents to young adults, people who are in work, unemployed, retired or at University; men and women; putting into practice our belief that the Information Age is relevant to and usable by everyone. How you might want to get involved in the work of Cyber Citizens. There are many ways that someone may get involved. These include:


Doing Business Online

10 Reasons Why Companies Should Start Doing Business Online (Web Doctor Article)

Volunteering to become a member of our network, to be available to help in management, training or by developing your own complementary projects. Providing other forms of support such as finance or 'help in kind' from your Organization. Developing a partnership between your Organization and ours. By asking us to give presentations or Cyber Coffee Mornings in your community, for your team or Organization. If you feel that you, or your organisation could help in any way with this voluntary, community project, please feel free to contact us by: Email:


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Welcome to SWINE

Swine Magazine is devoted to reporting on doing business online.

We are currently working on the new website which is due to launch on the the first week of October 2016.

What is e-procurement?

This is the use of electronic methods at every stage of the purchasing process, from the identification of requirement through to payment, and potentially to contract management.

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