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The SWINE Magazine Web Team proudly presents its newest
product. The following link is for those of you who want to be introduced
to "How to use the internet in plain English"
rather than in the technical terms of some strange computer language. It starts on the
very basics so that you don't need any previous knowledge. You can also save the tutorials when you click here , in case you want
to install it on your or someone else's computer. That saves you telephone costs of being
on the internet. 7.1.98
You may even want to publish your own internet contents.
Although there already are some WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)-editors for writing
web-pages available you will find you will have to learn some tiny bits of the programming
language HTML. Do not be scared, the word "programming" sounds more difficult
than it actually is. All you need to have are a couple of hours time, some tea and a very good and easily
understandable tutorial of how to do it. Here it is. 7.1.98
To launch their new Community Internet Access rooms Electronic Village Hall
have arranged a one day series of Workshops on the 10th January. Messages of support to
the group , to be displayed on the day, would be gratefully recieved.... details are available at:
Information Index. Vol-Net, when complete will consist of a
searchable on-line database of over 1,200 voluntary organisations in the Kirklees

Overmore SWINE Magazine intends to put at least 10% of the voluntary
organisations on-line in the next two years and provid
e training to ensure that these
groups can produce and publish their own on-line material and keep abreast of the quick
pace in communications technology. 21.10.97

We can manage the whole exhibition furniture hire process.

Now it is fixed. On the 4th of November, SWINE Magazine will move to the London Media Centre. This decision
really caused us a lot of trouble. On one hand, we did not want to loose old clients with
which we worked together very sucessfully, e.g. those people from the community who might
get put off by the futuristic ambience of the Media Centre.

On the other hand, there is a lot to gain. SWINE Magazine plans to help the local community gain access into the smelting pot of different sorts of social and cultural applications of information technology, creating a meeting point between local and global communities.

Clients often recall us to recognize and approach possible obtainable targets. We assist by arranging suitable finance to conclude the acquisition. In the case of Management Buy Outs we can provide proactive lead advisory services to the nominated management team all the way through the transaction.

In these cases our role becomes a spiral. We deal with the vendor, the funders, the solicitors and many other professionals on the behalf of the MBO team, from the very start through to the legal completion.

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Swine Magazine is devoted to reporting on doing business online.

We are currently working on the new website which is due to launch on the the first week of October 2016.

What is e-procurement?

This is the use of electronic methods at every stage of the purchasing process, from the identification of requirement through to payment, and potentially to contract management.

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