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SWINE Magazine Details of sponsorship opportunities SWINE Magazine is fortunate that a wide range of organisations have shown their support for our work. Some of these organisations have expressed their support through different types of sponsorship. This is sometimes in terms of money or help in kind. This can also be in terms of partnerships or joint projects. The following opportunities are currently available and we are actively seeking companies and other organisations who are interested in this sort of relationship. In return for financial support or help in kind we are able to: Set-up, or provide advice and support for, setting up projects in new areas or inside organisations.

We have a tried and tested model for informing and enthusing employees when new developments are being introduced, for example, new technologies for communication. Mention of the sponsor in our extensive promotional material which is targeted at specific sectors, for example: local companies, voluntary organisations, communities of interest such as disabled people, or the regular mailings to local people that have attended our Cyber Coffee Mornings. Association with such an innovative project at the leading edge of social developments can reinforce the positive image that many companies are trying to foster, in an age when their role in the community and wider ethical considerations is a positive market advantage, and helps build committed teams.

This material currently includes factsheets, regular bulletins, promotional leaflets, exhibitions, and a presence on the Internet World Wide Web. SWINE Magazine has its own comprehensive and wide ranging mailing lists. Company names may be integrated in our project names for example: "Your Company Cyber Coffee Mornings" Respond to your own ideas if this can be built into our work. The organisations that currently support our work include: Kirklees Metropolitan Council Social Services.







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Swine Magazine is devoted to reporting on doing business online.

We are currently working on the new website which is due to launch on the the first week of October 2016.

What is e-procurement?

This is the use of electronic methods at every stage of the purchasing process, from the identification of requirement through to payment, and potentially to contract management.

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