How is a magazine produced?

Distributors supply wholesalers, who in turn supply retailers. Distributors collect money from wholesalers and pay their publishers according to contract. However because most magazines are supplied on a sale or return basis distributors also have to give wholesalers credit for unsold copies. For these reasons most publishers need a distributor to give access to the news trade.  

There are two flows in the supply chain at different times of the product lifecycle, when a magazine such as Time Out or Hello is put on sale and when it is withdrawn from sale.

Cycle of magazine production

A linear representation of the supply chain shows magazines moving through the following cycle. When a magazine is put on sale, the publisher prints the copies and these are delivered to the distributor who supplies wholesalers and export agents. Wholesalers then pack out copies to retailers. Distributors invoice wholesalers who invoice newsagents. These invoices are paid.

Other production

The procedure for printing brochures, leaflets, posters and fliers is less complex, without the wholesalers involved. Many companies that produce magazines, however, also produce marketing material for companies.


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What is e-procurement?

This is the use of electronic methods at every stage of the purchasing process, from the identification of requirement through to payment, and potentially to contract management.

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